Bottega Veneta Women's shirts

Bottega Veneta

Pinstripe cotton shirt

1.100 €

Bottega Veneta

Compact cotton shirt

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Under the range of Bottega Veneta's quality and exclusive design for women, Bottega Veneta shirts are essential pieces. As a staple of the 21st century, shirts are items that have gained prominence from innerwear to new fashion stars.

With a touch of masculinity, the shirt has actually been a great companion to women throughout history. Its origin was as a long shirt dress, which in Roman times was worn under the main garments. Today, different brands explore women's shirts from their own creative and unique perspective.

Bottega Veneta Shirt: modern luxury and classic tailoring

Bottega Veneta maintains a balance between a conceptual air and a timeless commitment in its collections. The re-elevation of traditional craftsmanship to the luxury category is evident in the meticulousness with which their pieces are crafted.

The Bottega Veneta shirt is a key piece in the contemporary wardrobe, interpreted through the eyes of the Italian flagship brand. Its ability to embrace the female body and adorn it in a sophisticated manner is part of what makes them a bestseller.

What are Bottega Veneta shirts like and how can they be styled best?

The brand's shirts are timeless elements that form the looks of each season. As an essential part of every collection, the Bottega Veneta shirt explores both the visual codes of each season and the timeless keys specific to the brand.

Within the world of shirts, which can range from romantic and sensual to the most conceptual or intellectual, shirts like those from Bottega achieve a perfect balance of sophistication and modernity.

Their shirts effortlessly blend into many types of outfits, taking centre stage when we opt for a more sophisticated and understated style. Striped, plain, with structured lapels, cinched waist, and decorative buttons; Bottega Veneta shirts offer a wide range of options for the contemporary woman.
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