Prada represents the lead of modern menswear. As a brand, Prada has not adapted to but pioneered many of the trends coming to men’s fashion. Miuccia Prada’s brand is a history making name, and fashion for men has benefited greatly from her influence.

Prada menswear brings modernity and transgression. As a house, it has pushed menswear forward in a way that many other houses have followed. For masculine fashion, usually more conservative, Prada has meant a reevaluation of the status quo and a constant renovation of the codes on fashion for men.

Icons of Prada men fashion

Prada’s bags, pouches and other accessories remain at the forefront of Prada’s star products. Bucket hats, shoes, keychains… Accessories are the way Prada populates many men’s closets. These accessories represent modern trends, current fashion needs and are often front and center in the world of fashion magazines and global streetstyle.

Among our clients, the most popular pieces are suit pants. Prada pants for suits and other formal, pleated pants are cut exceptionally. This has won over many, many fans that come back time and time again to purchase the infinite quality of Prada’s pants.

Cinematic elegance: Prada menswear

The world of Prada is one of solid imagery. The historical, often cinematic references are crucial to Prada’s success, and the campaigns’ storytelling (apart from the inarguably gorgeous collections) is what sustains the legacy of the house Prada.

The recent onboarding of Raf Simons to form Prada’s new creative duo means that Simon’s ethereal, otherworldly touch will meet Miuccia’s film-like, futuristic atmospheres. The symbiosis between these two creative visions means a new present and future for Prada.

The world of male celebrities and pop icons has also massively influenced the dribbling of Prada’s onto pop culture. The brand’s selective use of modern celebrities aligns with a legacy built on authenticity, trendsetting and quirky, ahead-of-its-time creativity.

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