Simon Porte Jacquemus has made South of France, Mediterranean style a whole brand phenomenon. Worldwide, through a consistent brand identity and a solid grip on pop and celebrity culture, Simon has managed to achieve the heights many can only dream of.

His Jacquemus men designs evoke pure masculinity with a softer touch, it is masculine without being conservative, and it maintains the freshness of Mediterranean style through a wide array of colors and a sporty, dynamic approach.

Jacquemus men clothes: the new wave of European fashion

The French label is know for the refreshing, seasonless collection showcased twice a year in the most romantic, idyllic of spaces. Shows in Hawaii, La Provenze, Italian lakes, all showcase vibrant reconstructions of classic menswear items such as polos, tank tops, suits, t-shirts. Yet none of these essentials are repetitions of other perspectives. Jacquemus suits, Jacquemus t-shirts, Jacquemus trousers and so on are reinterpretations of a new, modern masculinity. The colors and reimagined shapes, the accessories and the styling of his shows maintain a simplicity that earns the trust of many men across the world.

Men Jacquemus accessories: opening new horizons

The world of accessories opened up by Jacquemus for men has become one of the many gate-openers for a new horizon of accessories and styles for men. Male versions of his iconic bags, such as Jachquemus Le Chiquito homme and other unisex models like Le Baneto are populating the wardrobes of more and more men. 

Jacquemus polos, Jacquemus coats, Jacquemus shirts and other essentials of the modern man

The new essentials for men are led by brands like Jacquemus menswear. His premium quality clothes are timeless and unique enough to satisfy his cult following, and universal enough to sneak into the closets of more simplistic men. 

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