The American Autry sneaker phenomenon is finally here. The brand, going through a full revival after its 80s and 90s mass success, is welcoming their handmade SUPERVINTAGE collection.

The most exclusive Autry sneakers

Each pair of Autry SUPERVINTAGE is handmade and unique, meaning the imperfections on each shoe are uniquely made for every piece. Their most popular models, the Autry Dallas, the Autry Open and the Autry Medalist are all revisited for a worn, vintage feeling creating the most unique pairs of Autry shoes.

This season, 6 different models (3 for men and 3 for women) of Autry SUPERVINTAGE sneakers will make it into store, with the first two pairs already available to buy.


The secret to their success

Their success, other than from their fabulous sporty aesthetic, comes from their unbelievable quality and comfort. Each pair of Autry Supervintage is made with the utmost care and the best materials, and both the sole and the footbed, as well as the inner lining and tongue are made in the most comfortable and moldable rubber and foam.

New models are coming to store, and we can’t wait to see you in them. Have you tried them on yet? What did you think?