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Jil Sander

Utility bag


Saint Laurent

Logo-patch tote bag


Bottega Veneta

Camera bag


Bottega Veneta

Cassette bag


Bottega Veneta

Padded Tech Cassette


Maison Margiela

Crossbody bag


Saint Laurent

City bag


Saint Laurent

Rive Gauche pouch


Saint Laurent

Black pouch


Men's bags

Men's bags have been making their way to the forefront of men's fashion accessories. The agility of modern day-to-day life means the need for more functional and comfortable men's accessories, making the new creative proposals of men's fashion designers perfect.

Functional classics renew their proposals for men's branded bags without leaving aside the essence that makes them icons. Men's fashion brands are increasingly opting for versatile accessories that allow themselves the luxury of being perfectly functional and aesthetically pleasing as men's bags.

What is the difference between a handbag and a bag?

The difference between a men's handbag and a men's bag is its use and capacity. A men’s bag is usually smaller than a handbag. A men's bag is more intended to carry items that are specifically needed at a given time, such as what you take to the gym or on a trip, and a men's bag usually carries everyday items such as your mobile phone, wallet or keys.

What to carry in a men's bag?

Men's bags are very useful when travelling or in situations where you wear casual clothes and carrying your wallet and mobile phone in your pockets can be a risk.

The existence of more and more technological gadgets is what has increased the demand for men's bags in recent years. Nowadays it is essential for many people to have a place to keep their airpods, mobile phone and even a tablet in addition to other objects such as keys, glasses or a wallet, which have always been common to carry.

There comes a time when pockets can't hold everything we want to carry with us everywhere and men's bags are the only solution, whether they are backpacks, fanny packs, shoulder bags, briefcases, tote bags or pouches.

Men's bags: a fad?

Men's bags are the first bags that ever existed. Backpacks were invented in prehistoric times to carry individual loads comfortably. Since then they have evolved a lot and today we find varieties to suit all types of men, from those who use men's bags only for travelling and going to the gym, those who always carry a briefcase to work, those who want to carry more accessories with them and use shoulder bags or fanny packs to do so and those who use men's bags to achieve a specific look, as it has happened with the popularisation of cross-body bags.

Men's bags brands

Men's bags Gucci
Men's bags Jil Sander
Men's bags Loewe
Men's bags Prada
Men's bags Saint Laurent


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