Men’s designer shorts have a whole history of their own. From controversial to the new norm of dressing for sports and uniforms, men’s shorts and men’s bermuda shorts have garnered all sorts of attention. Shorts in themselves are nowadays a piece of informal wear. Their relaxed, athletic aesthetic makes them ideal to wear on downtime, holidays or even during particular social or sports events. 

For a long period in history, shorts were a tool to distinguish social groups. Different lengths had different meanings, but the majority of their history shorts were associated with either wealth or school uniforms for young men. The new forms of men’s shorts were part of a social language. These visual cues are behind some of the still used imagery in movies, with a symbolism that we might not be aware of most times until it is brought to our attention. 

Social status was one of the representations of men’s designer shorts, as they were often associated with leisure activities such as participating in or watching sports events. Until the late Victorian Era, few echelons could afford such downtime, which implied the attire in these events often signaled wealth and a significant status in the social and labor markets. During the early 20th century, shorts (in a baggy form) were often a part of mandatory athletic wear. They were considered to allow for more freedom of movement, which is essentially ideal for sportspeople. 

The term Bermuda shorts essentially appeared when, during the first half of the 20th century, English settlements in the Bermudas succumbed to the high temperatures (especially, compared to British weather) by cropping their pants just above the knee and having local tailors copy the styles for selling. The affluent tourism in the area thanks to their proximity to other Atlantic territories made for Bermuda shorts to become a popular style in several countries. 

The dimension of uniform in men’s designer shorts came also mostly from England, which was highly influential worldwide in the way they uniformed their pupils. Students were meant to wear short pants that got progressively longer as they got older. Tailored pants were the norm for adult men in the 19th and 20th centuries, but as the uniformed generation of children grew older and became more influential in their society, shorts for men started to become a more commonly accepted way of dressing for everyday life. Nowadays, shorts come in all shapes and forms, from informal vacation wear to even tailored shorts as elements of suits with a more formal touch. These can be used in the colder seasons as well, as they may come in wool and fine cottons that differ from the lighter fabrics of holiday shorts. 

The brands of men’s shorts in our Ottodisanpietro men store

Burberry shorts, Stone Island shorts, Saint Laurent shorts and Prada shorts are a classic in our stores all year around. Their exclusive fabrics, sophisticated finishes and elegant styles make them a favorite of clients of all tastes. OAMC shorts are very much habitual in our stores as well, meaning young brands including Jacquemus shorts are usually always included.

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