Men's Jewelry

Saint Laurent

Rose Brooch


Saint Laurent

Gemstone bracelet


Jil Sander

Open-top ring

£174 £290

Maison Margiela

Ring-pendant necklace



Logo pendant necklace

£102.50 £205

Saint Laurent

Rose medal necklace



Men’s wardrobe options have been increasing in numbers and styles. Jewelry for men has been trending now for some seasons, and brands like Gucci, Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Jil sander have all designed wonderful pieces representative of their own identity in men jewelry. The younger generations have updated their attire with necklaces, bracelets and rings among other options of jewelry for men. From more surfer styles to the rap aesthetic and underground taste that popularized chunky jewelry, the trend in jewelry men has had a steady rise to where it is today.

From the minimalism of Jil Sander rings and Saint Laurent necklaces, to more daring designs like Gucci jewelry and Givenchy jewelry of industrial feel, we at Ottodisanpietro bring you the best and latest in men’s accessories in season and seasonless.

What men jewelry items suit me best?

Jewelry for men is a very personal thing, just like perfume. It isn’t perhaps as universal as T-Shirts or jeans, and they often mean more than just an embellishment. A piece of jewelry, as we know, mean anything from an emotional commitment to many other moments in one’s life. They may even be a form of self-celebration.

Jewelry’s sentimental value means it isn’t there just because. Necklaces and metallic chains for men by brands like Saint Laurent attract more bohemian and minimalist customer, relishing their elegance with pieces of eternal quality. Jil Sander’s minimalism and futurist designs are great for more subtle adorns.

Givenchy and Gucci are more daring in their own respective aesthetics. Givenchy presents chunky links in necklaces, rings and more visible pieces. It being a brand celebrated for their its punk rock vibe, Matthew Williams’ designs unveils a new futuristic underground direction. His rings and earrings celebrate their powerful goth yet always fresh identity.

Gucci ventured to color and sparkle. Their showy pieces embellish the modern man, basking in the gloria of their own designs synonymous with Italian luxury.

 Jil Sander jewelry for men
Saint Laurent jewelry for men
Givenchy jewelry for men

Palm Angels jewelry for men

Prada jewelry for men


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