We bring you the best in neckerchiefs for men by Etro, Burberry, Loewe and Faliero Sarti in luxurious fabrics by designer brands for men. Classic patterns in men designer scarves. They’re perfect to accessorize men designer outfits with luxury accessories for men.

Scarves and shawls by Gucci, in wool and cashmere are not just the perfect men accessory for a gift, but a plus in quality and durability among the options of men designer brands fashion.

Etro shawls are characterized by their iconic patterns, inspired by the founding family’s trips to India. Nowadays they’re still a star among their collections.

We also offer you shawls by Faliero Sarti, made in Italy with the most luxurious materials.

When it comes to ties, this accessory has been losing traction due to the rise of casual wear to go to work. However, they will always have their place for specific events and work meetings. Ties by Canali, Gucci or Etro will perfectly compliment your suit. 

Each piece scarf men has its moment

Although it is obvious a scarf may feel out of place in 35º weather, it’s important to know why each form of outwear has its season. It mostly relies on the material it is made from. Wool and cotton blends are ideal for winter, keeping the warmth in the coldest moments. They’re textiles that, with the exception of finer cottons, are usually used in outwear and other warm clothes such as sweatshirts.

Shawls, usually lighter blends of silk and cotton, are generally perfect for pre-fall and other periods in-between seasons. They keep our temperature balanced in abrupt weather changes, reducing the feeling of contrast. Traditionally, many shawls for men are embroidered with beautiful patterns, logos or are even customizable with the buyer’s initials.

Neckerchiefs, in turn, are great for fresher months. Their compact size makes them suitable to wear on different areas of our looks, other than our necks. They can be tied around the wrist, forehead, on our heads to cover us from the sun, plie them and fit them into our back pocket on our pants or the chest pocket of a suit jacket.

Ultra-light silks making these kerchiefs made them a great accessory around our neck on sunny days for a French look. They can also be folded horizontally and tied at the front, cowboy style plied triangularly with the knot in the back… The sky's the limit.

Scarves and shawls also have distinct and original ways of being tied, such as folding them in half, putting them around our necks, twisting the side with the loop, passing on end through the loop, twisting the loop once again and introducing the other end through the bottom resulting loop. This technique, among many others, gives the scarf a different touch as an accessory. 


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