Formal footwear, casual footwear… Tod’s for men is one for all occasions. As the luxury brand that made loafers great, Tod’s shoes are nowadays a reference point in men’s footwear globally. When the della Valle brothers launched their business venture in 1978, their ambitions proved worthy.

During a trip to New York City, Diego della Valle discovered a type of soft sole shoes made to drive more comfortably, named the ‘car shoes’. These were the inspiration for the globally acclaimed Tod’s Gommino shoes, that have become a strong contender for the best selling loafers in the world. Their cult following is diverse, enjoying both their comfort and the understated elegance of this iconic pair of Tod’s loafers. Although, due to their fit and materials, their design is closer to moccasins than it is to loafers, which tend to be thicker and made of more rigid materials.

Tod’s shoes for men: more than strictly loafers

The diversity in the Tod’s brand is of broad spectrum. Away from their famous Tod’s Gommino shoe models, consisting on a leather or suede soft moccasin design with 133 rubber pebbles on the sole, and that come in a variety of colors; the new ranges of Tod’s shoes for men are wide in their designs and functionality. The Italian luxury house nowadays produces lines of moccasins, loafers in the form of Tod’s Derby and Tod’s Oxford models, Tod’s sneakers, Tod’s sandals… All their models share a common theme, for they provide the most luxurious items of footwear preserving the traditional leatherwork techniques of Italy.

Their Chelsea boots for men, amongst their many models of Tod’s boots, have a strong popularity from their designs and embossed logos. The result is a variety of high and low boots for both men and women prepared to adorn all your looks. 

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