Women's Lingerie


Lingerie, from the French linge (linen fabric), grew through a series of ups and downs in the Twentieth Century to become one of the most lucrative industries in womenswear. Lingerie, traditionally, is meant to differ from mere undergarments in its design and aesthetic features away from sole functionality. Designs from lingerie brands embrace lace, floral motifs, prints and other embellishments to adorn and contour the shape of the female body. 

Within lingerie brands and designer lingerie, the most luxurious items are meant not as undergarments but as pieces that will eventually have their moment. Among these, we include loungewear pieces such as pyjamas and robes. These are increasingly more common as we navigate a world where stay at home work is the new office. 

Women’s luxury lingerie at Ottodisanpietro

Once upon a time, there was an exclusive Ottodisanpietro section for intimates. Nowadays, the new forms of women’s loungewear have taken over and have formed symbiotic relationships with other forms of womenswear. Thus, we like to carefully select pieces of luxury women’s lingerie that represents our labels and brings an extra touch to a woman’s inner confidence. 

More than anything, lingerie is meant to work in favour of a woman’s self confidence. By underlining our assets and exploring our sensuality and comfort, women’s lingerie plays with emotions and the self. 

Dive into our exclusive collections of lingerie by the most famous labels in the world, bridging the gap between comfort and the delicate beauty of great lingerie.

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