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Saint Laurent Women's sunglasses

SL 676 sunglassesSL 676 sunglassesSL 676 sunglassesSL 676 sunglasses
Sale price235 €
SL M131 sunglassesSL M131 sunglasses
SL 676 sunglassesSL 676 sunglassesSL 676 sunglassesSL 676 sunglasses
Sale price235 €
SL M94 sunglassesSL M94 sunglasses
Sale price365 €
SL M119 sunglassesSL M119 sunglasses
SL 657 glassesSL 657 glasses
Sale price315 €
Cat-eye tinted sunglassesCat-eye tinted sunglassesCat-eye tinted sunglassesCat-eye tinted sunglasses
SL 633 Calista cat-eye sunglassesSL 633 Calista cat-eye sunglasses
Square-rimmed sunglassesSquare-rimmed sunglasses

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Sunglasses made their debut in 12th-century China, where judges utilised shaded lenses to conceal their reactions and preserve impartiality during trials. While sunglasses excel at concealing gestures and extroverted nights, they have become essential accessories for various reasons today.

First and foremost is health. Extensive evidence supports the impact of light, clarity, and other elements on our long-term vision. Exclusively opting for quality lenses is an investment in eye care. Additionally, they serve as excellent accessories that infuse style and personal flair into our daily lives.

The range of Saint Laurent women's sunglasses is an outstanding example of quality frames and lenses, featuring technological innovation and diverse silhouettes.

Saint Laurent Women's Sunglasses

Designed for clients who appreciate luxury and exclusive quality, our selected Saint Laurent glasses seamlessly blend the mysterious aura of the house with the latest fashion and technological advancements.

In 2023, in collaboration with the KERING group, the house introduced the Blue & Beyond range. This sunglasses line featured completely transparent lenses that darken when exposed to external light, protecting our eyes from blue light emitted by devices indoors.

Thanks to distinctive designs, logos, and legendary attention to detail, Saint Laurent sunglasses transcend mere accessories. Their design encapsulates the nighttime magic of Saint Laurent, evoking evenings of music in the heart of Paris and nights out with friends in the bustling city.

Vintage-inspired designs include retro, oversized models, and aviator styles. The Saint Laurent sunglasses collection offers a wide variety of styles true to the house's aesthetic, perfect for protecting your eyes or enhancing your everyday ensembles.