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Saint Laurent Women's ankle boots

Vassili zipped boots in calfVassili zipped boots in calfVassili zipped boots in calfVassili zipped boots in calf

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Boots and booties emerged as functional elements, with their higher shafts and resilient materials allowing them to function in rugged terrains. From functional pieces to military elements, boots and booties have played an essential role for humanity that gradually found its way into women's wardrobes.

Today, women's boots are a contemporary essential. Maintaining that all-terrain essence, models like Saint Laurent women's booties perfectly encapsulate the essence of luxury boots.

Saint Laurent Women's Boots and Booties

Saint Laurent women's ankle boots seamlessly and polishedly blend the timeless elegance of the house with the avant-garde innovation that characterises the brand. Since its inception in 1961 by the great Yves Saint Laurent, the brand has left an indelible mark on the fashion world, elevating haute couture to a new level of accessibility and style. Its ready-to-wear, or "pret-a-porter," was ahead of its time, opening in 1966 the first high-fashion women's clothing store oriented towards everyday life. The store was named after one of the current lines of the brand: Rive Gauche, for being on the left bank of the famous River Seine in Paris.

The history of Saint Laurent women's booties is a narrative of continuous creativity, reflected in designs ranging from the iconic "Cassandre" to the modern interpretations under the direction of Anthony Vaccarello.

The new designs of boots and booties embody the duality of Anthony Vaccarello's Saint Laurent, combining the brand's classic elements with a vintage, rebellious, and contemporary touch. Exclusive high-quality materials, such as soft leathers and metal-adorned details, intertwine with the avant-garde silhouettes of the house, creating footwear that remains relevant season after season.

From high-heeled models to flatter designs, the collection of Saint Laurent women's ankle boots includes a variety of styles that effortlessly adapt to contemporary life. The brand continues to push the boundaries of fashion, demonstrating that creativity and innovation are fundamental in every step taken by customers with their Saint Laurent booties.