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Saint Laurent Women's jackets

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Elegance and mystery. Two words that perfectly define the brand founded by the creator Yves Saint Laurent in the 20th century. As part of his legacy, the women's jacket has been a key factor.

Saint Laurent women's jackets thus represent a fundamental pillar in the brand's identity. Their fusion of the brand's essence with garments that women can comfortably wear is part of the avant-garde soul of the creative. Since the inception of the Saint Laurent brand in the 1960s, its jacket designs have played a crucial role in creating a distinctive style that transcends fleeting trends.

A milestone in women's clothing: Saint Laurent's Le Smoking

As a revolutionary figure in the fashion industry, Yves Saint Laurent challenged conventional norms by conceiving the tuxedo jacket for women in 1966, marking a milestone in the history of women's fashion. This elevation of the female wardrobe, aligning it with the male wardrobe, redefined women's elegance and liberated them from the constraints of haute couture and fashion. Now, the Saint Laurent client would have a more powerful and androgynous silhouette.

The Saint Laurent Le Smoking jacket became an emblem of the brand. The house came to represent the boldness and sophistication of women. Over the decades, the brand's jackets have changed and evolved with the times and collections, but their essence remains rooted in the pioneering vision of Yves Saint Laurent.

Saint Laurent Jackets by Anthony Vaccarello

Today, Anthony Vaccarello's Saint Laurent women’s jackets stir the legacy of what was a key element of feminine style. The house's jackets continue to embody the sophistication, modernity, and musicality of a designer who transformed fashion and challenged established norms.

As creative leaders of their time, the great Yves Saint Laurent forged his own path and aesthetic. His influence continues to shape the course of the contemporary fashion industry.