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Saint Laurent women's heels

Oxalis 30 pumpsOxalis 30 pumpsOxalis 30 pumpsOxalis 30 pumps
Sale price875 €
Farida heelsFarida heelsFarida heels
Sale price825 €

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The world of Saint Laurent high heels is highly valued worldwide. It is one of elegance, mystery and one of the most sensual brands on the market. With each new pair on the runway of Saint Laurent YSL heels, the brand confirms its position as a global fashion leader. The high heel shoe collection by Saint Laurent is designed for women who seek to make waves, repped globally by top figures like Zoe Kravitz, Catherine Deneuve, Hailey Bieber or Abbey Lee.

Saint Laurent high heels are synonymous with sensual sophistication. Among the most iconic designs, their Tribute sandal stands out. This shoe, with a distinct platform and intertwined straps, has become a staple in modern women’s wardrobes. Its design highlights a perfect balance between sensuality and comfort, making it ideal for evening wear.

The Opyum pump is another iconic model also known as the Saint Laurent YSL heels, for the striking YSL logo as the heel. This bold design comes back seasonally as one of the most iconic and sought after shoes of the century, adding a touch of modernity to the classic stiletto. The sleek silhouette of the Opyum pump with its unique heel makes it a favourite of fashion muses and industry enthusiasts.

Our Saint Laurent High Heels: A Selection of Timeless Icons

Saint Laurent high heels are crafted with meticulous quality utilising only the best materials to ensure durability and adaptability. Luxurious leathers, suedes, and patent finishes define their collection, each pair exuding sophistication and refinement. The dedication to quality and exclusivity is what makes each shoe such a fashion masterpiece.

The YSL high heel collection includes a variety of styles, from the classic pumps to edgy YSL boots. The versatility of these designs allows them to come into any modern outfit, whether tailored for the office or a chic Saint Laurent dress for a night out. The range of colours, from classic blacks and nudes to vibrant accents of reds and metallics, ensures there is a pair for everyone.

Embracing the Saint Laurent Shoe

The allure of Saint Laurent shoes lies in their ability to perfectly encapsulate the essence of the brand – a blend of Parisian chic and modern, rock ‘n’ roll edge. Under the creative direction of Anthony Vaccarello, the collection continues to evolve with an ever extending homage to the 80s silhouettes, embracing bold designs that challenge conventional fashion norms.