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Saint Laurent Women's white bags

Large 5 à 7 bagLarge 5 à 7 bagLarge 5 à 7 bagLarge 5 à 7 bagLarge 5 à 7 bagLarge 5 à 7 bag
Sale price2.450 €

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For every YSL bag collection, there is a Saint Laurent white bag that catches our attention. Its light appearance in the darkness of the YSL aesthetic encapsulates a special kind of sophistication that the brand is known for. From high-fashion supermodel shoulders, to magazine covers and the red carpets of the world’s most glamorous events, these bags find their way in the arms of modern, chic women. Since the 1960s, Yves Saint Laurent has been at the forefront of fashion innovation. His introduction of of the concept of high-end ready-to-wear collections revolutionised the industry. 

Most every bag line of YSL has a Saint Laurent white bag. One of the standouts would be the white Le 5 à 7 bag. Characterised by its compact shoulder bag silhouette with the iconic YSL emblem as closure, the 5 à 7 bag has quickly become an icon of the 2020s: versatile, ubiquitous, and stylish. This line of handbags is available in various silhouettes, such as a shoulder bag with a baguette structure, and larger shopping bags both in leather and raffia.

Some of Saint Laurent’s white bags also include baskets. Their light, clear aesthetic can quickly go from icy winter looks to summery outfits, reflecting back the sun at tropical destinations. Some seasonal favourites such as summer totes and baskets are also available in their white version, matching the light colours of the natural fibres like raffia. These lightweight bags combine the maison’s imagery and symbols with practical design, making them perfect for times of warmer weather.

Saint Laurent White Bags Craftsmanship and Variety

The method and approach behind launching every YSL bag, including every Saint Laurent white bag showcases meticulous craftsmanship in high-quality materials designed to last. Their quite diverse range of styles ensures that there is a perfect Saint Laurent bag for every woman who visits our store, from sophisticated evening bags to practical, every day tote bags to carry anything from a laptop to a baguette

At OTTODISANPIETRO, you can explore a wide selection of Saint Laurent white bags that celebrate its elegance, functionality, and the brand's enduring legacy in the fashion world.