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Saint Laurent Women's T-shirts

Logo-embroidered wool tank topLogo-embroidered wool tank topLogo-embroidered wool tank top
Logo-embroidered tank topLogo-embroidered tank top
Logo-embroidered T-shirtLogo-embroidered T-shirtLogo-embroidered T-shirtLogo-embroidered T-shirt
Embroidered-logo t-shirtEmbroidered-logo t-shirtEmbroidered-logo t-shirtEmbroidered-logo t-shirtEmbroidered-logo t-shirtEmbroidered-logo t-shirtEmbroidered-logo t-shirt
Jersey tank topJersey tank top
Sale price295 €

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The women's T-shirt is a wardrobe essential in contemporary fashion. Having risen from the category of innerwear, women's T-shirts now hold unprecedented prominence.

In the case of Saint Laurent T-shirts, their role in the history of the brand is particularly significant. With its store (and accompanying line) Rive Gauche, Yves Saint Laurent popularised the concept of ready-to-wear for women. Now, high-end clothing extends to everyday life. Women could dress luxuriously and comfortably at every moment of their lives.

Saint Laurent women's T-shirts: the legacy of a pioneer

Yves Saint Laurent women's T-shirts encapsulate the essence of luxury and the mysterious sophistication of the brand. The French fashion house, globally recognized for its musical and pioneering style, has elevated the basic T-shirt to a masterpiece of women's fashion. Crafted with carefully selected fabrics, such as pure and organic cotton, these T-shirts are a vivid reflection of French style.

The colour palette, characteristic of Saint Laurent, includes neutral tones, but perhaps its most well-known models are those with sailor stripes. This symbol of French fashion, with the iconic YSL logo, possesses an unmistakable graphic elegance in the industry. Horizontal lines, available in different colours and designs, are a symbol of the navy and French style in the collective mind. Brands like Saint Laurent have taken this reference and made it their own in the most virtuous way.

Whether it's a relaxed fit for a casual ensemble or a more fitted silhouette to go under our evening suits, Saint Laurent women's T-shirts cater to the diverse needs of many clients.

As an example of the brand's philosophy, elegance and simplicity find their utmost expression in the craftsmanship tradition of the house. These garments have accompanied the modern woman since the rise of feminism in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.