Home Harmony and Comfort

«Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful» said the British designer, poet and essayist William Morris in one of his well-known quotes. The absolutely current statement of the multifaceted artist extends beyond the merely aesthetic level: in an unconscious way we create links with the spaces we live in, and they have an influence on our state of mind and decisions.

It is therefore essential to have a comfortable environment and to keep our house organized, either to work or to enjoy the time we spend there. One of the accessories that can contribute to improve our space are candles. Discreet and versatile they fit very nicely in any room or space, with a soft glow that accompanied by a delicate perfume will help us feel at ease.

When finished, the glass can be used to store accessories and continue to maintain good organization. Another space that often needs storage options is the bathroom, where countless products and accessories are placed together. Here it is indispensable to have a toiletry bag, that will allow us to save time and space, which contributing to improved productivity.

However, organization is not exclusively physical. There is also a psychological component that explains the feeling of ease provided by order, a feeling that we can enhance from within. Activities such as meditation or exercise are fundamental, whether at home or outdoors, and comfortable clothes are an essential part of this — also for just staying at home.

These small considerations are steps towards a greater well-being because, as William Morris said, the true secret of happiness lies in the interest in all the details of daily life.