The popularity and widespread acceptance of men’s designer swim shorts is a relatively new concept. From their inexistence, men’s designer swim trunks first truly appeared as they are now around the late 1930s, after many men around the world protested against the inconvenience of how uncomfortable swimwear was back then. 

In the name of modesty, men and women were supposed to wear pieces to cover up their bodies, many weighing up to 4 kilograms when wet. The advance of society and progress quickly gave way to the appearance of what we now know to be men’s designer swim trunks and men’s designer swim shorts

Men’s designer swimwear is a combination of exclusive design and the ultimate technological advances. Like outerwear, and as a piece closer in production to sports gear, the fabrics and construction of men’s swimwear needs to be up to date with advancements in technology and design. The fabrics must not only be comfortable, but they must be fast drying for both comfort and health reasons. Being fast drying is also a mode of self preservation, since a fabric that dries fast will remain in optimal condition for longer. 

Men’s designer swim trunks and men’s swim shorts brands at Ottodisanpietro

From Prada swim shorts, to Burberry swim trunks and Jacquemus swim shorts; we carry all the luxury brands in everyone’s mind. Etro swim shorts, Canali swim trunks, Moncler swim shorts are also to be found in our men’s department. We bet on a diverse collections of brands in terms of designs, aesthetics, tastes and versatility. Different brands are know for different fabrics, including Stone Island swim shorts and their hyper advanced textiles, like Prada’s nylon swim shorts

We also play on a balance of plain and colored pieces, with Etro swim trunks and Jacquemus swim trunks being examples of vibrant prints and colors and patterns each season, whilst also maintaining a balance of plain options within their brands as well as with others like Stone Island swim trunks and Burberry swim shorts

Our collections of swimwear for men are up to date with trends both in fashion and technology, providing our customers not just with legendary and trendy fashion brands, but also with the utmost quality for the best swim and holiday experience possible.

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