Owning a series of key pieces for each season is the way to easy styling each season. Winter essentials are several, and the priority amongst all of them is the need for comfort to allow proper layering when needed. We dislike the expression “bad weather” due to the privilege that it is to still have seasonal variations, thus for more uncomfortable weather conditions, we share with you our five essentials for a sheltered winter: 

     Puffer coats and puffer jackets 

   Born out of skiwear and winter sports gear, their adaptability to different temperatures and circumstances make them ideal for all brands to explore. Currently, Moncler jackets and Canada Goose coats are the most popular not just based on their legendary quality, but also for their pioneering attitude to environmental consciousness and transparency in their productions. Their policies for traceability and reuse of materials allow us to buy into a long lasting item on top of a revolutionary legacy. 

     Puffer jackets by Prada and Miu Miu are another novelty, playing with present day trends intertwining with the wardrobe we all want today. 


   Cashmere and knitwear

    Together with thicker jackets, knitwear is the other star of the winter season. Their designs and own personality range from plain roll-necks for layering to greater volumes and prints for warmth and styling. Designs and patterns in our own collections of sweaters bet on different personalities, reflecting the variety of tastes amongst our clients. Choices will depend on both preferences and on the level of protagonist we want for the piece. Sweaters and knitwear pieces are always a piece around which it is easy to build an entire look. 

    Ganni, Prada, Max Mara and Loewe present their latest interpretations o f the modern sweater with different textures in the most exclusive qualities. Labels like Extreme Cashmere are legends of the sector, centering their business around these pieces. As experts and users of the very best cashmeres, the Dutch label is known as a referent in what pertains to knitwear. 




       Beanies and scarves

    The other knitwear essentials, wool and cotton accessories such as beanies and scarves are a great way to add colour to a look with our own personality. In particular, designer hats and beanies have been gaining tractions as accessories on their own other than as winter accessories. For days where we’re less inspired, a knitted beanie or a scarf can add a touch to and elevate our looks. 

   Aries beanies, Ganni hats and Jacquemus hats are amongst our clients’      favourites, and Loewe scarves continue to innovate in oversize silhouettes and new colour palettes for the season. Simultaneously, Max Mara scarves or TOTEME scarves bet on classic revisions of both scarves and beanies in wool, with timeless offerings for all likings.   


    As well as any footwear that withstands wetness while keeping us protected. Ganni boots reflect the Scandinavian climate needs, with comfortable pairs of boots that keep their level or shelter from the water and snow. Our boots’ section is complete with boots by Ganni, Loewe boots, Bottega Veneta boots, Jimmy Choo, The Row, Chloé, Valentino…

    Under these boots, high socks and stockings in organic textiles like Jacquemus socks, Maison Margiela socks and Gucci socks, are all thought of for maintaining freshness and warmth, complementing boots in their functions. 

    Extra-large bags

   Leather bags and other waterproof materials bring back maxi bags for lighten our errands during the day, allowing us to carry all our daily tools and essentials in a single pouch. The return of large bags after the rule of mini bags and handbags comes with designs of Prada bags, Tod’s, Saint Laurent, CELINE (in-store exclusive), Gucci, Chloé and of course, Bottega Veneta bags. 

  Our Ottodisanpietro women’s bags page is updated weekly with the latest offerings by the top brands of the world.