Loewe is a Spanish luxury label that has sustained itself as a lighthouse of reference in the world of fashion from its foundation (in the year 1846). One of their most popular, if not the most known line of Loewe accessories is their bags. These have become a symbol of modern design applied to an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. 

The most salient characteristics of Loewe bags is their creative, timeless and modern design, becoming a stamp of identity for the brand. Bags Loewe are made in highly exclusive quality materials, such as soft and resistant Nappa leather, and in marvellous fabrics. The brand uses artisanal technique, quintessential to the brand from its beginnings, which allows them to launch high quality pieces in line with the foundational values of Loewe. The bags are perfectly durable and resistant. 

Models of Loewe bags at OTTODISANPIETRO bags

Bags Loewe have proper names. Each year meets a new generation of Loewe bags, as have recently been models like the Loewe Paseo bag, the Loewe Luna bag and Loewe basket bags. Among the most famous models by the brand we find the iconic Amazona, seen first back in 1975. This design has become a classic of the brand, and with Jonathan Anderson heading the creative teams, it has been reinvented on numerous occasions to acquire different shapes and sizes. The Loewe Amazona bag is a bag can be a handbag, a medium bag or a large one. It has leather handles and a detachable shoulder strap to carry over the shoulders or as a crossbody bag. It is a perfect accessory for daily use, adapting to any outfit. 

Another emblematic Loewe bag is the Flamenco bag, launched in 2012. This kind of bag by the house in soft leather is elegant and versatile, counting on a distinct form that folds over itself at the base of the bag. Its silhouette and leather knots for closure give it the flamenco dancer shape that gives it its name. The Flamenco bag is available in diverse sizes, colours and materials, making them ideal for a varied collection. 

Ever since Jonathan Anderson assumed control of the creative direction at Loewe in 2013, the label has experimented a whole repositioning in the world of fashion and pop culture. Anderson has launched the brand to the general, young audience. This has brought their bags to new levels of popularity, creativity, sophistication and elegance. Loewe bags under Anderson’s creative guidance have become as unique as classic pieces, with exclusive details and exceptional design. 

Loewe bags are iconic pieces of art and luxury, uniting the house’s historic artisanship with a diverse and modernist design. From the Loewe Amazona bag to the Flamenco bag, passing through models like the Luna and the Paseo, the label has launched models adapting to a broad variety of styles. With Jonathan Anderson at the head of design, the brand sustains its cultural relevance at the forefront of fashion.

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