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The structuring of Bottega Veneta coats and Bottega Veneta jackets reaffirms the brand as a perfect synthesis of craftsmanship and avant-garde. Within its brand imagery, the coats and women's jackets take on a leading role. Their design contributes to the balance of the ensembles presented on the runways.

For Bottega Veneta, whether with Daniel Lee or Matthieu Blazy, accessories play a leading role in an affair where the collection clothing serves as a canvas on which the ensembles are built. Behind these garments lie meticulous studies of fabrics, surprising textures, and a study of colour that gives the clothing a special role. Thus, behind every Bottega Veneta coat lies a range of surprises and details for the wearer.

Bottega Veneta coats and jackets: an ode to mystery and simplicity

The most surprising aspect of the Italian brand's clothing, founded in 1966, is its exclusive attention to detail. From the outset, the brand did not want to be associated with a particular logo, but with discreet luxury and a quality that spoke for itself.

In this way, the construction of each Bottega Veneta jacket is a symbol of love for design. The Vicenza brand presents a philosophy of a world traveller, where the union of cosmopolitanism and simplicity is the key.

Bottega Veneta jackets and coats feature structured construction with a great deal of attention placed on fabric selection. The drape, pattern, lengths, and combination with other layers are essential in the brand's approach.

How to wear Bottega Veneta jackets?

A jacket or coat from the house pairs with a wide variety of fashion perspectives. In true house style, adorning them with jewellery and statement accessories enhances the character and purity of their outerwear.

Bottega Veneta suit jackets or blazers are ideal pieces for formal occasions or office ensembles, serving as wardrobe essentials for decades.
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