The appearance of women’s fundamental rights and their freedom of expression, at the beginning of the 20th century, gave way for the feminine gender to explore and expand her closet. This included adopting pieces traditionally allocated to men. Among these are women’s shorts

Although Europe was dominated by dresses by most of our recent history, the adoption of trousers as a political stance in the early 20th century was a great step to equality between genders. In a known anecdote, two women decided to wear women’s shorts publicly for the first time in Toronto in 1937. Away from the outrage and the myriad of eyes laid upon them, this caused a minor car crash against a street light. Fortunately, times have changed. 

Currently, women’s bermuda shorts are some of the most sought after and diverse options available. The waist in these trousers is usually the same as in other long trousers. However, the shorter length and the different fabrics create different visual effects. 

The length of women’s designer short trousers vary greatly among seasons and labels, depending on the desired aesthetic. Generally, women’s shorts are shorter than men’s ones to elongate the legs. For this effect, waistlines are also raised higher. 

Short trousers and bermuda shorts for women at Ottodisanpietro

With both summer cuts and patterns as well as more formal choices; the labels at Ottodisanpietro are perfectly in tune with modern necessities. Each label expresses their own identity in short trousers that underline the female form in completely different ways. 

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