Women's Trousers

Bottega Veneta

Wide leg pants


'S Max Mara

Badia trousers


'S Max Mara

Argento trousers


'S Max Mara

Navona trousers


'S Max Mara

Marika trousers


Bottega Veneta

Culotte pants


Bottega Veneta

Culotte trousers


Isabel Marant

Liska trousers


Isabel Marant

Lenadi trousers


Isabel Marant

Lenadi trousers


The Row

Roan trousers



Loose trousers



Sid trousers


Victoria Beckham

Pleated trousers


Alexander Wang

Cargo rave pants


Saint Laurent

High-waisted leggings


Isabel Marant

Scarly trousers


The Row

Banew pants


The Row

Rufos pants



Wool cropped trousers

£155 £310


Lace-knit flared trousers

£457.50 £915


Tailored trousers

£740 £1,480

Jil Sander

High-waisted trousers

£735 £1,470


Cropped trousers in cashmere

£1,050 £2,100


Amongst our designer trousers for women, you will find consistent proposals by exclusive brands. Many of these are well known historic fashion houses. Younger labels have often become niche lines for this kind of clothing item. 

Women’s pants were once a form of claiming universal rights for women. From the generation of the Suffragettes and the post-Victorian progress, women’s trousers became a symbol of the first wave of feminism. With it, women at the beginning of the 20th century used pieces similar to modern trousers called bloomers, that allowed them to move freely on a bicycle without the risks of doing so in a dress. The trousers became a controversial piece, today being the result of those brave women who fought for the rights and freedom of movement for women. 

Explore our designer trousers for woman online and in store

Our website is constantly updated with the latest novelties of the fashion industry. We aim at accompanying you in all phases, thus we carefully select trousers for each occasion. Women’s denim jeans like Mother’s or Victoria Beckham’s are experts in this type of product. They present the preferred silhouettes and cuts of many supermodels, evidencing their quality and design. 

For tailored or women’s pinstripe trousers, labels like Valentino, The Row and Loewe often take centre stage. Each label has its own identity that is exclusive and unique, yet they all know how to adapt to the needs of contemporary life. 

Our section of trousers for women is one of our most ample ones at Ottodisanpietro. The constant exploration and change in textiles bring with them new ways of understanding fashion. With this, there also appear ways to innovate both with design and with reconstructing classic forms with current methods. These are a global necessity for the bettering of our world.


Streetwear trousers are one of the great stars of the century. What characterises many streetwear pieces is their decontextualization, often transforming technical pieces or workwear into the new attire for the day to day. 

We have seen this with puffer coats, we have also seen it happen with sneakers and trainers, and we can continue to see it evolve in the world of women’s pants or women’s trousers. We could perhaps dare to say that denim jeans are one of the oldest streetwear pieces, first appearing close to two hundred years ago as workwear for their comfort and resilience. Currently, it becomes hard to imagine denim jeans as just trousers for manual labour, but it isn’t difficult to see their convenience. 

Painter’s clothing and construction gear has also gained traction in the past decades. Cargo trousers and new military inspirations are mostly ubiquitous, for their cool aesthetic as much as for their comfort. The new streetwear fashion is a firm contender for other more classic items. What creates streetwear as it is is its decontextualization of an item of clothing. A formal suit jacket, worn suit-less and styled with everyday clothes can become street wear. 

Women’s streetwear trousers at Ottodisanpietro

Although it all began with specialised, niche brands of this kind of aesthetic; all great brands have already made sure of the success and versatility of these new kinds of women’s trousers. Relaxed silhouettes and cuts in irreverent designs continue to win over their own audience of every age. This all on top of the exclusive quality provided by the great labels of fashion. 

You can explore with us this broad new offering of options for the new feminine closet. Relaxed clothing and new brand offerings bring you confidence and a high quality stamp. The quality of our brands is supreme, and recognised worldwide. Their ranges of trousers and other streetwear pieces continue to be present at Ottodisanpietro.

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