Men's Casual Wear



Tailored trousers

£201 £335


Straight-leg jeans

£140 £280


Checked long-sleeved shirt

£87.50 £175


Patch swim shorts


Stone Island

Compass-appliqué cotton hoodie

£237 £395

Jil Sander

Crew-neck virgin wool jumper

£330 £550


Tie-print cotton shirt

£160 £320


Houndstooth pattern shirt

£186 £310


Burlow sweatshirt

£342 £570

Jil Sander

Cropped straight-leg trousers

£354 £590


Guildes Swim Shorts

£192 £320

Jacob Cohen

Nick Jeans


Jacob Cohen

Nick Jeans



Laminar jacket

£513 £855


Kei jacket



Men ’s casual wear is the modern man's best friend. Men ’s casual looks are now ubiquitous, bringing comfort to our daily life without compromising style.

Men ‘s casual fashion brands are ever growing, a even those that were used to more formal wear are leaning into the new trends. OAMC and Stone Island polo shirts and sweatshirts are staples of the highest quality, with breathable fabrics and comfortable designs bringing polished style to those wearing them through any season.  

¿When should you use men casual wear?

In the 21st century, any moment is a good moment for casual wear. Modern office spaces allow for the substitution of classic formal wear in favour of more casual fits, much more versatile and comfortable. Gone are the days of the suit as the obligatory men’s work uniform. A new era of sweatshirts, jogging pants and other comfortable pieces is dawning.

¿How to combine elegant casual menswear at Ottodisanpietro?

Nowadays, men casual wear is already styled with more elegant pieces to down-dress more serious looks. Pieces to use include Stone Island sweatshirts bermuda shorts by OAMC all under a Burberry trench-coat. Many are the brands launching casual wear for men today.

Jacob Cohen jeans are a fixed staple in men ‘s casual fashion, with numerous fans of their highly versatile denim jeans. Their trousers are wearable both dressed up with a shirt or dressed down with a sweatshirt. Designers like Maison Margiela man have launched their reinterpretations of men ‘s knitwear such as cardigans and sweaters of luxurious qualities. These are ideal pieces to combine with jeans. Others like Moncler are already established as icons of casual wear, while Gucci has newly ventured into casual men’s clothing in relaxed styles and men ‘s streetwear looks.

¿What are the essentials of men casual wear?

Good quality men T-shirts, men denim jeans and luxuriously knitted sweaters. Men ‘s wardrobe essentials ease our choices of what to wear daily. Investing in good men wardrobe essentials opens the door to quicker morning routines, by providing us with a versatile closet allowing for less time thinking about what to put on every morning. Or every night, for those who like to be prepared.

The time we spend every morning (or again, night) choosing our outfits can be easily sorted out by polishing a good baseline of quality men casual wear. And thus we bring you at Ottodisanpietro. The ephemeral nature of trends makes thick and thin knit sweaters, basic men T-Shirts and jeans or chino casual pants ideal for a timeless, trend-proof wardrobe. Men’s casual style never goes out of fashion, and it is to be thankful for on days when our inspiration is running low.


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Canali men cardigan Gucci men cardigan Stone Island men cardigan
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